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European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2022

How to learn in and with nature in times of climate crisis?

European perspectives and solutions

Zürich, Switzerland, 11th – 13th may 2022

The topic of next year’s congress is "How to learn in and with nature in times of climate crisis? - European perspectives and solution".


It is undisputed that education must contribute to combating climate change. It is also clear that environmental education is predestined for this. This is especially true for Forestpedagogy and nature-based environmental education. But what can we do this and how can it be effective?

  • What does contemporary Forestpedagogy look like in times of climate change? What projects, programmes and approaches are there?
  • How can/should forestpedagogic offers be designed so that they make a contribution against climate change? And how can they be further developed?
  • How can insights from climate education enrich the Forestpedagogic methodology?

These and similar questions will be raised and discussed at the European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2022.


We would like to start the discussion and the sharing of great practice already now, so that all of us can come to the Congress in Switzerland as prepared as possible - that way our exchange and mutual learning will gain in quality and depth.


-> Call to Action: if you already have tried and tested examples of climate education in nature which make an impact, or if you are in the process of developing them, PLEASE share them as soon as possible, so that we can get the discussion going. The best way to do this is to get in touch with your country representative from the European Forestpedagogy subgroup. You find the contact details here:

Members of the Forestpedagogy Subgroup 

Next year, we would like you to...

  • lead a discussion on "Forest Education and Climate Protection" that suits you,
  • plan, implement and evaluate concrete forest education activities on climate protection,
  • collect and share results, 
  • come to the 2022 Congress with as concrete results as possible, open to exchange, feedback and improvements.


11th – 13th may 2022


Zurich and surrounding area


Programme outline will be announced soon. Keep coming back :-)


Registration for European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2022 will open in mid-Dezember 2021 and close at the end of February 2022.

Blog posts on forest education and climate in Europe

Tips and tricks

What useful things can I do on a long train journey?

  • Read articles on education and climate protection
  • Write articles on education and climate protection
  • Invent and publish educational activities on climate protection (in the forest)
  • ...

How do I reduce my carbon footprint despite attending conferences?

  • Travelling by public transport
  • Stay overnight with colleagues or friends
  • ...

How do we reduce the carbon footprint organizing a conference?

  • Offer online programme
  • Choose a central venue
  • Vegetarian / vegan catering
  • Recommend accommodation with an eco-friendly mindset
  • Arrange private accommodation
  • ...
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Agenda Weiterbildung Naturbezogene Umweltbildung


Registration European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2022:

Check here from mid-December 2021.

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